Planning the “perfect vacation” is no easy task. Most of the families I work with love to travel to and throughout Europe, and many of them spend their vacations in Spain. However most people don’t have the time that a planned vacation requires, and the language barrier, the time difference and other such chores and complications may deflate an otherwise uplifting experience.
Let me help you meet your travel needs
I’ll create the most personalized vacation for each member of your family, finding the most interesting activities centered around your tastes and desired locations around Spain and across Europe. I’ll help you find the best camps for your children, cross checking the camp’s advertised claims with actual camper experiences to ensure you have a great vacation and experience in the country of your choice. In fact, I could  be your personal guide, helper, and/or your children’s teacher whatever your destination. Enjoy on-site tutoring, so your children learn Spanish and/or French while on vacation, making sure they learn the language and the culture while still getting what every vacation promises: unforgettable experiences.

 Do you want to travel by yourself?

The sense of individual freedom, independence, and the flexibility to immerse yourself in the culture of a new place to connect with locals are reasons why travelers (including myself) choose to travel by themselves. 

Sometimes, especially women, face some fears before making the decision of going to a foreign country by themselves. I am here to customize the trip for you and ensure that you have an enjoyable travel experience.
Trip Customization includes:
- Helping you decide the places to visit.
- Be your personal tour guide, remotely or in person.
Music, food, architecture, people, history…


The Mediterranean diet has been chosen as one of the best in the world; the variety of food, wines, landscapes, and towns make Spain unique. Spain seems to be a country with thousands of different countries in it. Every town has its own special foods, pastries, culture, history and places to visit. And, of course, the weather; Spain is the most tourist-friendly country in the world. The people are friendly and enjoy being outside; they like to stay late at the “terrazas” after the sun goes down, and the image of children playing outside in the summer until past midnight is not just precious; it is reassuring. Spain is a place to experience, and I want you to enjoy the most out of it. Beyond the “touristy” advertisements and the internet promotions, but an authentic Spain, the one where we hang out with the locals, go to the “mercados de la plaza,” have the children play with Spanish children, and enjoy and learn the culture. 

  Here is what I do. Enjoy this videos!