I am originally from Spain but have lived in Amiens and Paris (France), Byron Bay, Melbourne and Sydney (Australia) and San Francisco (United States). I can speak Spanish, French and English fluently. While in California, I graduated from International Business and Legal and Community Interpreting. I had the privilege to work at an International Montessori School as a Spanish teacher, which sparked my passion for working with children and developing their language skills. I’ve worked with children all my life, and I love the energy they give to the world and people around them. In France, I was the leader of an international exchange program with children from all over Europe and had the opportunity to be an au pair in  Australia for two wonderful families.  

In my experience with learning new languages, the results are better when we make the process fun and enjoyable, and that is how “Aprender es divertido con Tania” started. I created this tutoring program where children learn Spanish and French through fun activities, such as dancing, including flamenco and zumba, arts & crafts, like creating books, making bracelets, conducting science experiments, and also cooking lessons! They’ve made delicious tortilla de patata, empanadas … and so much more. They’ve learned the language and some of the Spanish culture.