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Your reviews:

"Tania is a great teacher. She is patient and thorough in her teaching technique. She also gave great travel tips to Spain"
Chris. March 1, 2024

"Tania is a wonderful Spanish teacher. This is my first Spanish program as an adult, and I am already learning and applying so much. She is dedicated, patient, and takes the time to relate lessons and ensure mastery. Highly recommend her to any level!"
Paige. February 23, 2024

"Tania is great! Learning so much! Super helpful with all our questions and concerns! 
Berkley. January 22, 2024

"Tania is a phenomenal teacher. She is knowledgeable, patient and very intelligent. She has the experience and demeanor to teach all levels. I’ve had a few Spanish teachers and she is the best"
Dominic. August 7, 2023

"Let us tell you about Tania, the most amazing Spanish language tutor there is! Tania made our learning experience incredibly fun and engaging. Tania's teaching style is top-notch, she was always patient, friendly, and went above and beyond to make sure we understood everything. Thanks to Tania's guidance, Iris and I have made incredible progress in our Spanish skills, and we can't recommend her enough!"
Nikola. April 20, 2023

"Tania gave me travel tips for my last journey to Gran Canaria. She is super helpful, easy to communicate with and all in all a lovely person. Because of her I found the most delicious cookie on the island! Thanks again for your help Tania!"
Priya. April 7, 2021


"Mis hijos han estado con Tania durante 3 años cómo vivimos en US al empezar la escuela llegó el punto en el que  no querían hablar español , Tania los incentivo increíblemente a retomar el idioma , de una manera sencilla , divertida con actividades , música y juegos les enseño sobre tradiciones y la cultura de habla hispana aprendieron el valor de hablar español y disfrutar tradiciones y costumbres que van con el idioma. Aprender un idioma puede tomar tiempo pero lo que aporta a la vida de nuestros hijos es invaluable." 

Karen Gallagher. April 3, 2021

"I have been taking lessons with Tania for the past few months, and I can say she really caters lessons to where you're at in your language journey. She makes learning a new language less in intimidating and is truly committed to the progress of each of her students. I love the interactive videos, the time to practice (and make mistakes) and the the overall supportive space to challenge myself with learning a new language. So Great! Thanks, Tania! xo" 

Tiffany K. December 3, 2020

"Tania is amazing! My daughters love her. She is kind, warm and engaging even remotely. She make Spanish fun, topical and culturally relevant! I highly recommend her!" 

Barbara Denianke. November 24, 2020

"Tania is exceptional at making the learning experience interactive, engaging and fun. She is a high-energy, very positive individual to whom children really gravitate and from whom children really enjoy learning."

 Tommie. January 21, 2020

"Soy madre hispana de dos niños uno de 6 y una de 9. Estoy contenta con este programa de español, porque los hace pensar, aprender, y practicar el español que saben. Y lo mejor de todo es que Tania los hace hablar,  reir y disfrutar la clase. Totalmente recomiendo a la profesora Tania."   Translation: "I'm a Hispanic mother of two children, one is six and the other one is nine years old. I’m happy with this Spanish program, because it makes them think, learn, and practice the Spanish they know. And the best part of it is that Tania makes them talk, laugh and enjoy the class. I highly recommend Tania as your teacher." 

Milena Durkin  January 22, 2020  

"Tania is a great teacher who is 100% dedicated giving the best learning experiences! Not only does she teach the language but she tries to make sure you get the full experience by traveling to different areas, trying the cultures’s food, and going to events that are popular within the culture.She loves her job and does it with passion. I would 10/10 recommended her." 

 Frank Bartley. January 20, 2020

"Tania has always been an excellent teacher and babysitter to my kids. She started taking care of my two kids when they were 3 and 6. They loved her because she is a caring and wonderful human.  She then started teaching them Spanish in one of the most enjoyable ways I've seen. They for sure miss her. I totally recommend her because everything she does; she does with love, and respect." 

 Nora Smith. December 11, 2019